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Yellow GoldEngagement Rings

Yellow gold is the quintessential precious metal for engagement rings, still by far the most popular and enduring colour for that special moment. The tradition of a gold engagement ring dates to ancient Rome, with the first known diamond pairing in the 15th century. This history is just one of the reasons why yellow gold is so timeless, representing romance and the enduring nature of true love like no other.

Find an exquisite yellow gold engagement ring that speaks your heart and lasts a lifetime below in the Goldsmiths range. Alternatively, find one of our UK showrooms near you and browse our gold rings in person. If you have any queries, please contact us today.

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Gold Engagement Rings for Sale from Goldsmiths

A yellow gold engagement ring is a bright and elegant choice of band – the perfect ring to show your everlasting commitment.

The metal has been used to forge engagement rings since time immemorial, providing a traditional and warm look. Matching well in a range of diamond settings and with similarly complementary ruby, pearl or opal pairings, Goldsmiths’ yellow gold rings allow for a perfect engagement.

Several carats are available arranged in a classic solitaire style, as well as three-stone, cluster, and halo. Square, circular, and oval gemstones can be found set in both 9ct and 18ct yellow gold engagement rings. And each ring is expertly alloyed to capably resist scratching and durably hold the gemstones that adorn them.

Explore the range above, or visit a showroom to see our gold engagement rings up close. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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