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Tissot Watches

Tissot is known for producing stylish, elegant, and reliable watches. The brand is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading watchmakers that pushes boundaries to make stunning pieces for men and women. Aside from their visual appeal, Tissot watches also have strong connections within the sporting world. Their ability to endure high-pressure situations and maintain effortless timekeeping makes this brand a standout. Goldsmiths are proud to stock Tissot watches, and our diverse collection of men’s and women’s watches is sure to include the perfect piece for you.

Tissot Sideral Collection

Tissot T-Sport Sideral

Discover the Tissot Sideral, a captivating fusion of vintage allure and modern craftsmanship.

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Tissot Seastar

Tissot Seastar Collection

Perfect for diving or everyday activities, these watches are reliable and chic.

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Tissot T-Touch Collection


A direct descendant of the first multifunction tactile watch in history, the Tissot T Touch Connect Solar is charting a new course. The latest generation T-Touch is packed with Tissot´s characteristic watchmaking expertise in all its forms.

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Tissot T Sport Collection


The T-Sport Collection of Tissot watches offers all you could ever want in a sports watch. Built for durability, each guarantees decades of reliability; its resistant materials also allow you to track time both in and out of water.

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Tissot T-Classic Collection


Tissot strives to provide accuracy and quality at all times through timepieces that have an everlasting style, such as the ones in the T-Classic collection. Founded in 1853, Tissot cherishes the beauty and emotionality of classic watches.

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Tissot T-Gold Collection


The Excellence Gold collection shines in its simplicity and purest form. Tissot uses 18K gold, a prestigious alloy comprising 75% pure gold combined with a mix of silver and copper useful in gold production.

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Tissot T Heritage Collection


All restored lines of Tissot watches live in the brand's Heritage Collection both in our UK stores and online. As you can imagine, each design carries its own unique story, rendering the range as a whole even more exceptional.

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Tissot T-Lady Collection


With a Tissot T-lady watch, you can track time in a style that's specific to you. Head to our online selection for sale to begin your journey into sophisticated time-telling today.

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The History of Tissot

Tissot has a rich history, particularly surrounding sport and expert timekeeping. The brand’s Men’s watches have kept their classic, flawless style and new collections continue to be inspired by the ones that came before. However, the evolution of women’s Tissot watches is particularly interesting. Women’s Tissot watches have moved alongside fashion trends and changed accordingly. In the 19th century, Tissot pendant watches were steeped in jewels and richly decorated, making them a popular choice for the affluent. The 20th century saw the innovation of wristwatches. From here, Tissot watches targeted ‘modern women’ and they became the accessory to have for any major event. Tissot then changed its style to suit the young and fashion-conscious. The house began making watches with quirky designs to appeal to those with edge. Finally, Tissot reverted to their ultra-feminine ladies’ watch designs. With smooth lines and rounded shapes, Tissot watches have continued to be favoured by women across the world.

Why buy a Tissot Watch

Tissot prides itself on making designer watches accessible for everyone. Timeless style and unrivalled performance make these watches exceptional. Tissot believes that everyone deserves to experience pure, unfiltered luxury. Its watches are just that. The materials used for Tissot watches make them a frontrunner in quality. The combination of durability and exquisite design ensures it is the brand of choice for watch lovers across the world.

Tissot Collections

Tissot watches are designed for the adventurous. They exude style, reliability and excellence and each collection captures these unique qualities. Watches in the Tissot Seastar collection are known for their ability to handle extreme aquatic pressure. The Seastar’s robust features allow you to explore the depths whilst maintaining reliable timekeeping. Not only this, but the Seastar combines functionality with style, as these watches add sophistication to any outfit. If classic beauty is what you want, the Tissot Powermatic collection offers it in abundance. The Powermatic collection gets fuelled by use. The energy of the person wearing it enables the mechanisms to run. It also has a huge 80-hour power reserve, ensuring you always get the most out of your Tissot Watch.

Caring for your Tissot Watch

Here at Goldsmiths, we know your Tissot watch is an extension of you, which is why you should treat it with the utmost care. As the quality of a Tissot watch is so great, cleaning it in the right way is essential to avoid causing damage.

Firstly, you should avoid overexposing to any harmful chemicals. These include any detergents, perfumes, fragrances, and cosmetics. The chemicals will damage the coating of your Tissot watch, affecting its look and functionality. When handling such a complex timepiece, you must keep it away from magnetic fields. Magnetism can affect the way your timepiece works or even stop it from working altogether. You should keep your Tissot watch away from any electronic devices and strong magnetics such as fridge doors or handbag clasps.

Find your perfect Tissot watch today

If a Tissot watch is tempting you, view our full range for sale online. Choose from a range of finance options and order before 9pm to benefit from free next-day delivery in the UK. If you want to see your new Tissot watch in person, visit one of our UK stores. An expert member of the Goldsmiths team will be on hand to offer you a luxury experience. They can give you the best advice on style, fit and functionality, helping you get the most from your time in-store.

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