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Platinum Engagement Rings

The rare white metal platinum is a popular, high-end choice for fine jewellery. Due to its superior hardness and durability relative to silver or gold, it requires less periodic maintenance, attains a beautiful patina over time and is comparatively ‘pure’ - requiring lower amounts of the additional alloys that silver, white gold or rose gold require. Platinum engagement rings are also hypoallergenic, due to the lack of additives, and exhibit a softer, whiter tone than white gold, enhancing the sparkle and brightness of diamond settings, particularly the Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond range, our exclusive 88-facet precious stones.

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Platinum diamond & solitaire rings for women

Our beautiful range of platinum engagement rings is available for sale online. Use the filters to find a particular type of ring or browse the full selection if you're unsure what your partner might want. Would they like a single solitaire ring for women or a platinum band bursting with diamonds? We have options to suit everyone, so let Goldsmiths help you find the ultimate gem for the love of your life.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right piece for your loved one, simply get in touch or select the 'Live Help' button to open our online chat for expert advice.

We also have a wide range of pieces available for sale in our UK stores. Find your nearest store to see them in person or book an appointment for a tailored service.

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