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Luxury Virtual Boutique

Luxury Virtual Boutique

Welcome to our Luxury Virtual Boutique - offering you real time expert advice and guidance on all luxury watches and jewellery.

Let our in-house experts guide you through your own personalised shopping experience from the comfort of your own home or office. Our hands-free, co-browsing option allows you to sit back and chat with our experts as they do the browsing for you.

Start Live Consultation*

Our Luxury Watch & Jewellery experts have years of in-store experience advising on the world's finest pieces. This knowledge is now available to you, live and on-demand.

Whether it's advice on a particular timepiece or help finding the right style for you, our experts are on hand to assist.

You can engage in a consultation in a manner that feels comfortable for you, with the following options available:

Live Video Chat

If you’d like to see an operator

Live Audio Chat

If you’d like to speak with an operator

Live Text Chat

If you’d like to text/type only

Luxury Virtual Boutique

Discuss luxury watches and jewellery

Luxury Virtual Boutique

You can choose our video option

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