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Junghans Watches

Founded by Erhard Junghans in Schramberg, in the decades that follow the company went on to write not only industrial, but also urban, regional and even architectural history. By 1903 Junghans owned the world's largest clock factory which still stands.



Since the 1950s, Junghans has created timepieces that represent the Bauhaus-based concept of designer Max Bill. With the New Max Bill Automatic Bauhaus, Junghans has reinterpreted the classic watch with a new and modern style.

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Junghans Form A


The new FORM A Chronoscope carries with it the spirit of Urban life, bringing dynamism and vibrancy to the wrist. An automatic chronograph movement powers this modern timepiece, making it perfect for city dwellers with no time to lose.

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Junghans Meister Collection


Since the 1930s the finest watches of the company have borne the Meister appellation. They continue to feature a skilful blend of the fascination with watchmaking and aesthetic design.

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Junghans Max Bill Collection

Max Bill

Inspired by the philosophy of the Bauhaus, the JUNGHANS Max Bill proves that less really can be more. Minimalist through and through, it guides the eye to the essential: the time.

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Junghans Form Collection


Discover the Form collection by Junghans at Goldsmiths online. Including the Form A, C and Quarz models.

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About Junghans

Founded by Erhard Junghans in Schramberg, Junghans has intertwined itself with industrial, urban, regional, and even architectural history. The brand launched the world’s largest clock factory in 1903, a site that still stands prominently in the landscape to this day. Considered to be one of the most captivating success stories in Germany’s history of watches and clockmaking, Junghans continue to write history into the 21st century.

Junghans remain committed to their original factory in Schramberg, favouring quality standards that fuse traditional craftsmanship and new technological innovations which have entered the watchmaking sphere. This combined with modern production methods and creative designs is what makes every timepiece with the iconic star so unique.

Meticulousness, expert handiwork and creativity are the characteristics that make up Junghans watches. Each timepiece is made with creative and design processes at once, to ensure it meets strict quality standards. Not only are the finished watches scrupulously examined, but each individual component and mechanism is too. Only once all the necessary elements are deemed satisfactory will they be combined to create a Junghans watch.

Browse our range of women’s and men's Junghans watches for sale online today or visit one of our UK stores to see the collection yourself.

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History of Junghans Watches

Junghans began in 1861 when Erhard Junghans and his brother-in-law founded the clock component company, Zeller & Junghans. The company produced parts for Black Forest clocks, including wooden cases, bronze signs, clock hands and glass doors. In 1866, Zeller & Junghans expanded their repertoire and began selling clocks. It was in this year that the company obtained a new trademark and the famous star made its first appearance. By 1903, Junghans was the biggest clock and watch factory in the world, producing over 3 million timepieces each year.

In 1949, Junghans created the first chronograph watch with a reliable J88 movement for the newly formed armed forces in Germany. The watch was a huge success and was eventually made available to the public. Another momentous occasion for Junghans was the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. Junghans was the official timekeeper of the games and the involvement further cemented its global status as timepiece experts.

Junghans continued to combine precision with innovative ideas and consistently produce the unexpected and in 2009, the business was acquired by Schramberg businessmen Dr Hans-Jochem Steim and Hannes Steim. The new owners’ goal is simple: to preserve Junghans’ heritage and secure the future.

Why Buy a Junghans Watch?

Celebrated for reliability and comfort, Junghans watches provide impressive timekeeping precision, so whether you’re heading to the boardroom or the bar, rest assured you’ll always stay on track. Featuring sleek designs and exquisite finishes Junghans watches are the ideal choice for those who desire the ultimate blend of practicality and style.

Junghans believes to make watchmaking history you need to be ahead of your time. Pioneers from the beginning, the brand continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking innovations and is constantly striving to create new and advanced technology.

If you’re seeking a timepiece with exceptional performance and an impressive global reputation, you’re in the right place. Here at Goldsmiths, we have an extensive range of Junghans watches available, so no matter what your taste, you’re sure to find a watch to suit.

Junghans Collections

We offer a number of collections of Junghans watches, with men’s and ladies’ watches, along with unisex pieces. No matter whether you favour classic vintage style watches or something with a sporty touch, you’re guaranteed to find the right timepiece for you.

The Junhans Meister collection originally launched in the 1930s and over 80 years later it remains a popular choice, offering men’s and women’s watches in both automatic chronograph and quartz movement. The Meister collection boasts a variety of styles from sleek, modern watches to retro-inspired designs so there’s something to suit every taste.

First crafted in the early 1960s, Junghans’ Max Bill watches are revered for their comfort, precision and reliability. The signature style is showcased in each watch, from quartz to chronograph models and comprises a clean, circular dial, domed plexiglass and slim hands. The collection was influenced by the philosophy of the Bauhaus and proves that less really is more, making it the ideal timepiece for those who value a minimalist aesthetic. Browse these collections and more of Junghans watches here at Goldsmiths.

Caring for your Junghans Watch

Junghans watches are delicate instruments so it’s important to take good care of them to ensure they last for years to come. Junghans recommend having your watch serviced every four to six years along with cleaning it regularly at home. At Goldsmiths, we offer in-store watch servicing at our Newcastle and Middlesbrough boutiques or you can choose to have your watch sent to a workshop for Junghans watches.

While our watch servicing includes a deep clean of your Junghans watch, you can also clean it yourself at home if it just needs a little polish. Simply use a soft toothbrush and a small amount of soapy water to gently clean water-resistant cases and metal bracelets, then use a soft cloth to dry.

We know sometimes accidents are unavoidable, which is why we offer Goldsmiths Care on Junghans watches. This service will protect your new watch against accidental damage and theft. All you need to do is visit one of our stores to submit a claim and we’ll repair or replace your watch as soon as possible. Choose between three or five years’ protection – you’ll be covered with just one simple payment and there won’t be any additional fees if you make a claim.

Find your luxury Junghans Watch today

Our exquisite selection of men’s and women’s Junghans watches is available for sale online or visit one of our UK stores and choose your perfect timepiece in person. If you would like assistance in finding the right Junghans watch for you, simply book an appointment for a consultation and one of our horology experts will be happy to help.

If you need to make a decision today, our Luxury Virtual Boutique is open from 9am-9pm (GMT) seven days a week. You’ll be guided through a personalised tour of our Junghans watches by one of our friendly in-house experts and will receive immediate, real-time advice.

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