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Grand Seiko Watches

The epitome of Seiko Watch Corporation's watchmaking, Grand Seiko timepieces are handmade in Japan by artisan craftsmen and women, for those who value perfection. Every Grand Seiko watch offers signature high standards of beautifully Japanese precision, durability and legibility.

Grand Seiko Exclusive

New & Exclusive Heritage 40mm Edition

Grand Seiko is proud to announce three new hi-beat creations, all exclusive to The Watches of Switzerland Group – that build on the storied history of the 62GS.

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Grand Seiko Exclusive "Hotaka Peaks" Spring Drive GMT

Exclusive "Hotaka Peaks" Spring Drive GMT

The design of this timepiece is inspired by the Hotaka Mountains, one of Japan's greatest mountain chains, which stand tall before the Grand Seiko Shinshu Watch Studio.

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Grand Seiko Evolution 9

Evolution 9

Based on the Grand Seiko Style which has inspired each and every creation since 1967, the Evolution 9 Collection takes the legibility and comfort of Grand Seiko to a new level.

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Grand Seiko Heritage Collection


Breathing new life into tradition, emphasising well-balanced design, expressing the pure essentials of watchmaking. Discover the Heritage collection at Goldsmiths.

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Grand Seiko Elegance watches collection


Resilience for everyday wear, with refinement for landmark occasions when everything has to be just right. Discover the Elegance collection for sale at Goldsmiths.

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Grand Seiko Sport Collection


Legibility and durability that the discerning sports watch lover needs and desires. Discover the Sport collection for sale at Goldsmiths.

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Grand Seiko - Evolution 9 Collection

Evolution 9

Based on the Grand Seiko Style which has inspired each and every creation since 1967, the Evolution 9 Collection takes the legibility and comfort of Grand Seiko to a new level.

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Mark Toulson - Head of Watch Buying

We Recommend: Grand Seiko

“This brand has revolutionised watchmaking with many innovations—including the Spring Drive movement, which offers a seamless seconds-hand motion and accuracy unlike any other mechanical watch, and continues to do so today. Every Grand Seiko watch reflects the Japanese spirituality of time inspired by nature. Favourites include the Grand Seiko x the Watches of Switzerland Group Toge Special Edition, which features a gold GMT hand - adding a distinctive ‘pop’ to the dial - as well as accents to the GMT function, established so that frequent flyers can quickly know what time it is all over the world. Whether elegant, traditional, or sport, expect a new understanding of “The Nature of Time” from Grand Seiko.”

Mark Toulson - Head of Watch Buying

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The art of watchmaking is to measure time with a precision that will endure – a challenge the brand has relished since the first Grand Seiko watch made in 1960. For over half a century, Grand Seiko has quietly handmade some of the most precise watches the world has ever known. With their three signature movements, mechanical, quartz and spring drive, Grand Seiko watches are created to be beautifully, precisely Japanese, inside and out.


Soon after the first Grand Seiko watch, the Grand Seiko Self-Dater was introduced which featured a calendar and increased water resistance. The 1960s and 1970s repeatedly pushed the high standards of accuracy and precision with the release of a number of stylish, mechanical GS watches.

1988 saw the release of the first Grand Seiko quartz watch, the 95GS. As always, Grand Seiko sought to push the limits of accuracy for time-keeping and it succeeded by continuing to manufacture all components in-house, proving once again the brand’s expert craftsmanship.


In 2004 Grand Seiko developed spring drive technology with the 9R6 series, combining electronic and mechanical components to create a luxury watch of the highest calibre. Just two years later, the brand used spring drive technology in the 9R66 with an automatic GMT function.

To this day, Grand Seiko watches continue to push the boundaries of precision and accuracy with their unique spring drive technology, calibre 9F quartz and superior craftsmanship.


Choose a Grand Seiko and you’ll be adorning your wrist with one of the finest, most accurate and beautifully created luxury watches. With such precision craftsmanship, owning a Grand Seiko watch is a statement of elegance and perfection and an appreciation of the mastery and dedication used to design your timepiece.

With a range of stunning collections for sale, Grand Seiko has created styles for every wearer, including sports with highly durable materials, classic designs with high-precision quartz and exquisite, nature-influenced timepieces. With Grand Seiko, you know you’re wearing a luxury wristwatch created with the latest and most precise technology.


Whichever style you have chosen, you’ll want to take care of your new, luxury watch. Although each piece is expertly crafted to last a lifetime, following these simple steps will ensure its perfection:

  • Wipe carefully with a simple soft cloth to clean your watch to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Take care not to leave your watch in extreme temperatures for a long period (below 5°C or above 35°C).
  • After wearing in the sea or at the beach, be sure to wash your watch in freshwater afterwards to remove any leftover salt.
  • Try and avoid your watch being too close to large electronic devices that might interfere with the mechanisms.
  • Remember, wearing your watch ensures it perform as accurately as it should so try not to leave it unworn for too long.
  • A complete service should be performed on your Grand Seiko watch every few years to keep it in perfect condition for years to come.

If you have any questions about your Grand Seiko Watch or any of our watches for sale, you can get live, online advice from our experts at our Luxury Virtual Boutique.

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